Comprehensive Management

Drive your complete virtual infrastructure with ManageIQ. Manage the lifecycle of your applications, place virtual workloads according to your business priorities, and — automatically through policies you set — balance your costs, performance, security, and reliability across cloud platforms. ManageIQ lets you control everything, completely, from one end of a virtual machine lifecycle to the other.

Open Source

ManageIQ is the open source project that powers Red Hat® CloudForms.

Hybrid infrastructure

Transition workloads across major cloud platforms based on price, performance, platform, and scaling.

Virtual Lab Automation

Shift control of development, QA, and testing environments back to their respective teams.

Enhance your private cloud

Add chargeback, service orchestration, lifecycle management and automated workflows to your private cloud.

Get started now

If you're interested in more control of your virtual machines and cloud landscape — good news! ManageIQ is quick and easy to get up and running.

We provide a self-contained appliance you can quickly spin up on your own infrastructure.

Let’s talk

We love to hear how people are using our software. Jump in and talk to the developers, share tips and tricks, talk about how you’re using ManageIQ, and read all about other people's experiences.

» Talk in the forum with people using and developing ManageIQ.

Solve issues

The ManageIQ community provides help on our Q&A knowledge base. It’s a great place to go to look for solutions to your ManageIQ problems—if your question hasn’t been asked before, someone here will likely know the answer.

» Ask a question or look for an answer on the forum.