Below are charts describing all of the common labels and colors across the ManageIQ repos.

About the label colors

Color Hex Description
#fc2929 Scope - Bugs
#84b6eb Scope - Enhancement
</br> #bfe5bf</br>#bcf5db Scope - Testing and tools: “test”, “developer”, “tools”
</br></br> </br> #fef2c0</br>#e99695</br>#fbca04</br>#eb6420 Scope - Other: “cleanup”, “performance”, “refactoring”, “technical debt”
#159818 Positive statuses: “help wanted”, “verified”
#eeeeee Negative statuses: “duplicate”, “notabug”, “stale”, “unmergeable”, “wip”, “wontfix”
#cc317c Questions and discussions: “question”
#5319e7 Component: Repo specific labels that categorize what parts of the application are being changed. See the repos for specifics.
#d4c5f9 Alternate component: A secondary, repo specific categorization (e.g. in manageiq-ui-classic, dark purple represents a specific UI tab being changed, whereas light purple is used for general components like toolbars or buttons)
#6a92bc Special component: A component that requires more careful handling and possibly a specific reviewer or merger. Right now this is only “dependencies” and “sql migration”.
</br></br> #000000</br>#555555</br>#dddddd Backporting and release: “blocker”, “fine/yes”, “fine/no”, “darga/yes”, “darga/no”, etc. The darkest color is for the most recent release, the middle color is the release before that, and the lightest color is for any release older than that.

Common labels

Label Color Hex Description
blocker #000000 Blocker for the next release.
bug #fc2929 A bug.
bug/sporadic test failure #fc2929 A bug that manifests as test failures in an unpredictable way.
cleanup #fef2c0 Changes only making the code cleaner and that do not change how the code works nor the outputs produced (e.g. rubocop or eslint changes).
dependencies #6a92bc Changes that affect dependencies, such as gem changes.
developer #bcf5db Changes that affect developers only, including non-customer-facing tools (e.g. changes to bin/setup)
documentation #d4c5f9 Changes to documentation only (e.g. README).
duplicate #eeeeee The issue is a duplicate. When applied, the duplicate issue should be referenced in a comment.
enhancement #84b6eb An enhancement.
help wanted #159818 An issue that could be handled by anyone, even new members of the community.
internationalization #d4c5f9 Changes that are for internationalization only (e.g. updating the *.po gettext files).
notabug #eeeeee The issue is not a bug as reported or not reproducible. When applied the issue should be closed.
performance #e99695 Changes that are for performance improvements only.
pinned #eeeeee The issue will not be marked by @miq-bot with the stale label.
question #cc317c Issues that are just questions. When the question is resolved, the label should be changed and/or the issue should be closed.
refactoring #fbca04 Changes in the way the code works internally without changing the output produced. Contrast to “cleanup”.
stale #eeeeee The issue is old and hasn’t had activity in 6 months. This label will be automatically applied by @miq-bot once that bot feature is completed.
technical debt #eb6420 Changes that remove or significantly update old unused code and/or dependencies.
test #bfe5bf Changes to test code only.
tools #bcf5db Changes to customer-facing tools (e.g. tools/pruge_metrics.rb). Contrast to “developer”.
unmergeable #eeeeee The PR is unmergeable. This label is automatically applied and removed by @miq-bot.
verified #159818 The bug issue was reviewed and is verified to have the problem stated and a PR should be created. This label is not necessary on a bug PR.
wip #eeeeee The PR is a WIP. This label is automatically applied and removed by @miq-bot based on PR title having “[WIP]” or not.
wontfix #eeeeee The issue will not be fixed or otherwise handled. When applied, the issue should be closed.